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We believe in providing unparalleled servicing to all our clients. Whether it’s monthly maintenance or single projects, we are able to meet your business needs. One of our featured products includes digital NFC business cards as we know the traditional way of networking and marketing your business will not be the same in the next few years. Join us in navigating new opportunities to lessen our carbon footprint in the world today.
Our Services
Digital Creative Design
Our Design Team is dedicated to making sure your brand is well represented. Through our attention to detail and branding design experience, we are able to visually capture the essence and tone of your company while balancing the business needs.
Flexible Services
We're your one-stop shop digital partner for entrepreneurs who need a few changes every now and then to large businesses who have a rotation of various needs. You don't need a subscription for nominal changes but we do offer subscriptions for large businesses with additional servicing. Email us for more information at info@globalservicedigitalsolutions.com.
Quality Enhanced Professional Image
We are a hands-on business and take pride in the success of your business. This is why we ensure that everything we do and touch is treated with care. Currently, our in-house production maintains a high-quality image proofing and print fulfillment with our 600 DPI, edge-to-edge, in house printing system.
Smart Environment. Smart Technology. Smart Connections.
Our Product Offerings Include NFC Digital Business Cards or Virtual Business Cards, Digital GPS Pet ID Tags, Digital Stands, Dual Employee ID Business Cards and Coupon QR Codes.
Seamlessly share your contact with your network or customers today!
Find out more about the benefits with having a NFC digital business card.

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